AML Africa Matters Stakeholder Engagement

Our solutions

We support companies, investors, governments, and development agencies, helping them to understand and navigate their operating environments, gain access and influence, and achieve positive impacts.

Our solutions are tailored and client-centric. We reconcile country and sector-specific contexts with each client’s particular needs, questions, and concerns

Business intelligence

We have a deep understanding of numerous African markets, deploying this expertise to support clients to maximise opportunities and navigate risk.

  • Market entry and risk management
  • Tailored intelligence
  • Opportunity and partner identification
  • Reputational integrity

Stakeholder engagement

We utilise our extensive public and private sector networks across Africa to help clients to identify and engage with relevant stakeholders.

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder engagement planning
  • Advocacy

Sustainability advisory

We employ our strategic advisory experience to drive and protect value creation for our clients in Africa, while ensuring ethical action and integrity throughout supply chains.

  • ESG framework creation and assurance
  • ESG due diligence and auditing
  • Sustainability consulting and non-financial reporting